Detcon CXT IR – Infrared LEL Gas Detection Sensor

Detcon CXT IR Infrared LEL Gas Detection Sensor

Detcon Model CXT-IR SmartWireless® gas detection sensors are easily and economically deployable in both permanent and temporary installations. This low power sensor assembly utilizes infrared technology for combustible hydrocarbons. All component parts are rated for Class 1; Division 1, Groups C, D hazardous areas. This advanced field device consists of a Detcon Model Series CXT low power infrared gas detection sensor, and wireless transceiver packaged in a single enclosure. Power is provided by an internal battery pack with disposable “C” cell (3.6V) batteries capable of continuous operation for greater than 60 days. An optional lithium ion rechargeable battery pack allows for 5 months operation. Solar power options allow for indefinite operation. An optional battery pack with disposable “D” cell (3.6V) batteries is capable of delivering up to 9 months operation.

Detcon’s proprietary “Self Healing Mesh” technology operates at 2.4 GHZ and conforms to non licensed radio frequency appliance usage around the world. Wireless network integrity and security is accomplished using direct sequence spread spectrum DSSS programming topology. Wireless applications can be as simple as a single field device communicating with a host display or any number of field devices forming a network of subscribers. Each device in the network is assigned its unique device identification or a UID. Every device in the network can act as a router and repeater for all other devices in the network. This means that subscribers can “hop” through neighboring devices to communicate with each other thereby widening network access points. This unique and innovative technology is designed to
create a robust network that automatically routes around congestion and line-of-sight obstacles
while improving throughput as subscriber device density increases.

Standard network configuration is of the master/slave type (320 Transceiver). An optional and proprietary technology referred to as “Fault Tolerant Safety Network” (300 Transceiver) is also available which guarantees that no single point of failure will interrupt communications between devices on the rest of the network, including loss of HMI. Processing power is, in a sense, shared among all devices. There is no controller dependence. Each device in the network is capable of acting as the network master, processing real time data and issuing commands to other devices in the network.


  • Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs
  • Work-over and pulling units
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Turn-a-rounds in Refining and Petrochemical Plants

Features & Benefits

  • Detcon self healing mesh network topology
  • Universally accepted 2.4 GHz non-licensed frequency
  • Low power IR gas detection sensor with built-in transceivers
  • Built-in display for gas sensor/field device HMI
  • Disposable battery packs

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