Detcon Smart Wireless MCX-32

Integrated Alarm & Control System

Detcon Smart Wireless MCX-32

Detcon’s SmartWireless® MCX-32 is a flexible and expandable multi-channel control system compatible with a wide range of wired and wireless gas detectors, transceivers, alarms, and other field devices. The advanced control system can include up to 64 channels of any combination of wired and/or wireless field devices.

Real time status of each active field device is displayed on a large backlit LCD Touch Screen that also serves as a user interface. Command functions can also be displayed on the touch screen and include alarm reset, alarm acknowledge, alarm test, and radio silence. During normal operation the screen shows real time gas concentrations or the status of field devices to include battery charge level, network RF signal quality, and any number of fault conditions affecting either an individual device or the entire network. Display formats include field device function, tag name, current reading, and alarm status. Each input can be configured for up to 3 alarm levels with a fourth-alarm output dedicated to fault diagnostics of field devices and internal operating systems. Each system application can include either a common or a limited number of discrete alarm relays.

Among the SmartWireless MCX-32’s specialized features is “auto-configuration” of addressable devices that are located in a device library within the unit. This provides a unique combination of “auto configuration” simplicity and ease, with customizable expansion capabilities. The control system is also fitted with a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port, allowing users to safely monitor a network remotely with the convenience of a desktop PC, or handheld device with internet connection. An addressable RS-485 Modbus RTU slave port is available for communication with higher level automation and control systems such as PLC’s, PC’s and Distributed Control Systems. The SmartWireless MCX-32 offers standard datalogging of alarms, calibrations, comm errors and faults, as well as 15-minute peak and average readings for each channel using Type I or Type II compact flash cards.

Wired devices with either a 4-20mA DC or serial RS-485 output can be interfaced with the control system individually or by using Detcon’s stackable din-rail mounted I/O modules. Detcon I/O modules include a 4-channel 4-20mA input module (DA-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4), a 4-channel 4-20mA output module (AO-4), and a 4-relay contact input module (DI-4). The I/O modules may be mounted within the main system enclosure or in separate enclosures suitable for the area classification where installation will occur. All I/O modules are individually addressable and operate on 11.5-30VDC. The SmartWireless MCX- 32 is available in either fiberglass or stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosures and can be powered by 110-230 VAC or 24 VDC. The control system is intended for installation inside buildings or
under cover avoiding direct sunlight.

Additional ordering options include audio alarm, visual alarm, external alarm port, alarm reset switch, 10-meter separation antenna, and battery backup.


• Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs
• Oil and Gas Production Sites
• Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Food and Beverage Processing
• Pulp and Paper Mills
• Refining and Petrochemical

Features & Benefits

• Compatible with Model RXT-320 Transceivers
• 64 channel capacity
• Large LCD with touch-screen user interface
• Wireless, analog, or Modbus input capability
• Comprehensive integral data logging
• Non-intrusive operator interface

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