Detcon Series 700

Industrial Gas Detection Sensor

Detcon Series 700

Model 700 industrial gas detection sensors are a new generation of intelligent sensor modules that incorporate and integrate several leading edge improvements. The sensors are specifically designed for harsh and extreme locations. This new and superior level of environmental durability in sensor design includes an electropolished 316 stainless steel housing, multi-layered transient spike protection circuitry and 100% encapsulated electronics. The sensor electronics are completely protected and immune to water ingress and corrosion. The gas detector sensor elements are all plug-in components and can easily be replaced in the field. Operator interface is non-intrusive via a small handheld magnet. Configuration and routine calibration is intuitive and menu driven with fully scripted instructions. Sensor status is displayed on a built-in alphanumeric LED display. Model 700 intelligent sensor modules feature dual redundant outputs, a linear 4 – 20 milliamp analog signal and a Modbus RS-485 serial output.

It is becoming increasingly important that safety systems meet the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements of IEC 61511. The SIL rating can only be determine by considering the complete safety system. The Model 700 sensor modules are designed with this in mind and feature a new and
unmatched level of pre-emptive fault diagnostics. Application variable like input voltage range, operating temperature range, maintenance schedule, detector reliability and output integrity are all monitored and reported via the 4 – 20 mA and RS – 485 serial output. As a component of a SIL rated
system, the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of Model 700 sensors are designed to meet the requirements for any SIL 2 rated system.

Model Series 700 sensors utilize six distinctive gas detection technologies to satisfy a wide range of industrial application that require monitoring of oxygen toxic and flammable gases.

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