Honeywell Sensepoint XCL

Fixed Gas Detector

Honeywell Sensepoint XCL

Sensepoint XCL is a fixed point gas leak detector that is designed to meet the needs of commercial and light industrial applications. With over 50 years experience in gas leak detection, Honeywell offers a flexible range of highly-reliable sensing devices to meet those needs.
• Quicker installation
• Rapid configuration
• Simple to operate
• Straightforward to maintain

Honeywell innovation enables customers to pair the gas detector with their mobile phone, and then use an app to perform many tasks related to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Flexible Output Options
Sensepoint XCL is available with either mA loop analog output or Modbus RTU with the option for relays on both. The result is a flexible solution that can easily be incorporated into legacy systems as well as new installations.

Faster Installation
Everything you need for installation is in the box, including simple drilling

Easy Control and Maintenance
Sensepoint XCL’s smartphone interface makes for much faster calibration, configuration and bump tests. Inspecting the status and settings of individual Sensepoint XCL detectors is simple. Use the mobile app to:
• Read gas concentrations in real-time
• Reconfigure settings
• Check unit histories

Automated Reporting
Increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce administration time. The app and Sensepoint XCL provides easy access to diagnostic information and generates calibration reports at the touch of a screen.

Compatible System Controller
Touchpoint Plus is the perfect complement to Sensepoint XCL, providing an intuitive, easy to operate gas detection solution to meet the needs of your business.

Visual Integration
Sensepoint XCL is designed with the needs of building architects in mind. Clean aesthetics and a choice of colors mean that the detector is ideal for public spaces like lobbies and retail environments.

Typical Applications
• Kitchens and food processing
• Manufacturing facilities and factories
• Hospitals
• Retail sites
• Transportation and parking
• Laboratories
• Hotel and leisure
• Apartments, accommodation blocks and condominiums

• Calibration cap / flow housing
• Duct mount kit for round or flat profile ducts

Features & Benefits

• Choose from a range of mA or Modbus output versions for flexible system design to meet the customers requirements.
• Selectable source or sink current for analog output enables one detector to be suitable for both system configurations.
• Optional relay output for external control systems or alarming devices enables easy integration and local indication.
• The ingress protection of IP65 allows units to be mounted in wash down areas.
• Multi-color visual indicator to show status makes it easier to know the detector status immediately and identify detectors that require attention or are warning of danger.
• Gassing port for easier bump test of units installed in inaccessible locations. No need to purchase a separate accessory and thus saves money.
• Manage the detector without making a physical connection. Remove the need for physical access to hard-to-reach devices.
• Simplified maintenance with familiar smartphone technology saves money and time.

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