Honeywell RAEGuard 2 PID

Fixed Detector for VOC’s

Honeywell RAEGuard 2 PID

The RAEGuard 2 PID is a fixed photoionization detector (PID) that measures a broad range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The RAEGuard 2 PID operates on 10 to 28 VDC and provides an analog (4-20mA) three-wire signal output, and RS-485 Modbus digital signal output. Calibration and maintenance have been greatly simplified as the digital PID module can be easily removed in hazardous locations for calibration or maintenance.

The RAEGuard 2 PID has a graphic display and LED light status indicator for fault and alarm conditions. In addition, Low, High, and Fault relays1 can be configured to trigger external alarms or process controls. Over 200 correction factors1 are pre-programmed, and allow users to display
readings of a specific target gas. A magnetic key interface enables the detector to be calibrated and operational parameters adjusted with the explosion-proof enclosure in place.

• Continuous VOC monitoring in hazardous and non-hazardous area locations
• Reduced maintenance costs due to easily removable sensor module. Sensor and lamp can be removed without tools and serviced in hazardous locations
• Faster response time with sample flow-through design powered by internal diaphragm pump
• Humidity compensation ensures accurate readings even in humid environments


• Refineries and petrochemical plants
• Power plants
• Solvent recovery systems
• Painting and coating operations
• Waste water treatment plants
• Air Quality

Features & Benefits

• Class I, Division 1 (Zone 1) continuous VOC monitoring solution for hazardous locations
• Three wire 4-20mA analog output and RS-485 digital communication in ModBus protocol
• Three dry contact relays1 (<30V, 2A) normally open (or normally closed), one for High and Low alarm, another for Fault alarm
• Explosion-proof stainless-steel enclosure suitable for outdoor hazardous environment applications
• Magnetic-key interface eliminates the need to open the explosion-proof housing when adjusting parameters.

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