Honeywell ProRAE Guardian

Mobile Command Center and Device Fleet Manager

Honeywell ProRAE Guardian

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ProRAE Guardian is real-time gas, radiation, dust, weather, and physiological monitoring software that connects, integrates, and relays data from various wireless monitors to a centralized system. The command center instantly displays device status, alarm, and sensor reading information, integrating all information in a single dynamic view. ProRAE Guardian real-time monitoring empowers safety professionals with instant updates of monitor data for making intelligent time critical decisions.

ProRAE Guardian advanced device management enables operational managers to manage their fleets of monitors and track worker device assignments. In addition, it can automate several common tasks
to improve worker productivity along with the flexibility to define custom alerts specific to a work environment.

• Centralized monitoring of wide areas
• Simultaneous monitor data aggregation
• Increased situational awareness
• 24/7 monitoring of exposure conditions
• Early warning and tracking of hazardous threats
• Distributed Control Systems integration for process automation
• Management and control of monitors and detectors
• Increased productivity through task automation
• Lower deployment costs

Features & Benefits

• Real-time display of device status, sensor readings, and alarms
• Integrated Google Maps show precise instrument locations with alarm status
• Datalogging in text and graphical formats, and includes boolean filters
• Supports all RAE Systems wireless enabled products
• Supports up to 512 instruments simultaneously
• Dashboard for overall system status
• Fleet management for instruments
• Activity automation for calibration, bump test and report generation
• Custom rules for alarm notifications
• Remote notifications via email and text messages
• Worker-instrument association
• Security features for data protection and networking
• Leasing option for short duration projects
• Software Development Kit for integration with external systems

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