Honeywell BW™ Clip4 Multi-Gas Detector.

The simplicity of “always on.” The safety and quality of Honeywell.

Honeywell BW™ Clip4

When you’ve got your hands full in the field, you need no‑hassle gas detection you can count on: the Honeywell BW™ Clip4 four-gas detector. Wearable, easy multi-gas detection that’s always on. No charging, no battery or sensor replacements, no hassle. Simpler, low cost of ownership guaranteed by the Honeywell commitment to quality, and backed by a full ecosystem of supporting technologies. When you clip on the Honeywell BW™ Clip4 you know – it’s on.

Always On: 2-Year Continuous Runtime
Once activated, you can rest assured that the Honeywell BW™ Clip4 is always on. Two years of non-stop runtime with no charging or battery swap outs.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Wear
• Durable, ergonomic and wearable — doesn’t weigh you down
• Compact profile — even working in tight spaces, you won’t know you are wearing it
Easy to Use
• Simple one-button operation
• User-friendly tamper‑proof operation with just one button
• Intuitive LCD icons
• Real-time gas concentrations shown on LCD
Easy Compliance
• Flashing red non-compliance indicators warn workers that the detector has not been bump tested according to schedule
• Daily full function self-test of sensors, battery status, circuit integrity, and audible/ visual alarms
Easy to Manage
• Compatible with IntelliDoX docking system and instrument management system
Easy to Rely On
• Built-in concussion proof boot
• Tested to last in extreme environments

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