Honeywell BW Solo

Serviceable Single-gas Detector

Honeywell BW Solo

The next-generation single-gas detector that helps you reduce
cost, ensure compliance and know your workers are protected.
Honeywell BW™ Solo has everything you expect — plus additional
features to make your compliance easier and more cost-effective
than ever. All with a reliable life span, one-button operation
and small, lightweight profile. Honeywell BW™ Solo is:

• The easiest single-gas detector to service, with no
need to take it apart to replace sensors, batteries and
sensor filters. That means long life and low cost.

• Complete with an extensive selection of sensor options.
Count on comprehensive detection, whether you’re
monitoring for common or exotic hazards.

• The first single-gas detector with the 1-Series sensor for CO,
H2S and O2. That means high accuracy, lower costs and faster
sensor response time for the gases you monitor most often.

• Compatible with IntelliDoX. Save time and centralize data
with automated bump testing, calibration and instrument
management. Use IntelliDoX docking stations with
Honeywell SafetySuite Device Configurator software.

Features & Benefits

For even more time-saving convenience — plus
remote visibility on alarms — choose the wireless
version. And manage it from your smartphone.

Pair the wireless Honeywell BW™ Solo with our Safety
Communicator mobile app and detector readings are sent
instantly to Honeywell’s real-time monitoring software.
Access it from any device with an internet connection, and
get remote visibility on worker safety and location.
You can also use the wireless Honeywell BW™ Solo to share
gas data with the desktop software — no dock required.

Other Honeywell BW™ Solo features:
• Option to activate IntelliFlash™ or non-compliance flash
• Ability to assign detectors to workers and locations
• Easy-to-read display for multiple languages
• Data logging with rolling 24-hour peak reading

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